Kokoa Shuzen
朱染 心愛
Shuzen Kokoa
Age 15
Gayness 6
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Kokoa Shuzen is a supporting character from the non-yuri series Rosario+Vampire. The younger half sister of Moka Akashiya. Like her sister, Kokoa is also a Vampire but her powers are not sealed and she does not carry the same supernatural strength Moka possesses. Kokoa can be energetic and kind if she gets to know someone, she is also smug and snobby, thinking vampires are superior to all other monsters and humans, but actually can be a coward.

Yuri featsEdit

  • She have romantic feelings for Inner Moka, and despises the other, and for that reason she challenges her in order to release her real older sister Moka.
  • After Moka had gone, she felt lonely. and from the day Moka left their mansion, she have been painfully waiting for the day she can meet her again.
  • Kokoa have actually been in love with Moka, sending out letters and chasing after her persistently, that actually her way of expressing how much she miss her.
  • She hugged her true older sister Moka right after she saw her and begged her to stay with her.
  • She gets angry and jealous of Tsukune (for being given all Moka's attention).
  • In episode 6 of Rosario+Vampire Capu 2, she decided to get closer to Inner Moka by taking an onsen bath with her.
  • Every time Inner Moka makes her appearance, her eyes glitters with love and joy for meeting her,and runs to her embrace, but unfortunately getting kicked by her, even though her older sister despises her she still wants to get close to her showing romantic affection towards her only older sister Moka.
  • She have a slightly Masochistic trait, in that she feels good after being hit by Moka.

Gallery Edit

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