Kotona Misaki
美咲 ことな
Misaki Kotona
Age 17
Gayness 10
Boldness ?
Commitment ?
Lewdness ?
Relationship Status In a relationship

Kotona Misaki is one of the main characters of the yuri game Valkyrie Drive: Siren. She's a member of the Resistance and the partner of Konoe Kirihara. A little girl with a rather immature body, her small height matches her flat chest. She talks in a childish manner befitting her looks, but she’s not dumb. That said, she’s definitely clumsy, forcing her to rely on Konoe in battle. She uses her railgun Exstar to unleash gigantic attacks that contrast heavily with her small frame. She's 144 cm tall. Her birthday is on November 17.

Yuri FeatsEdit


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