Kyouchikutou/Momoko Suzuki
Kyōchikutō/Suzuki Momoko
Age 24
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 8
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status Crushing

Kyouchikutou is an antagonist in the yuri series Hidan no Aria AA. A female assassin from the organisation IU. Along with Jeanne d'Arc, she was smuggled into Tokyo Butei High School with Riko Mine help. Very reserved and quiet. She is a genius tactician and knows how to cover her tracks. She often dresses in gothic lolita fashion, and put on different colors of manicure.

Yuri Feats

  • In rainy weather alone with Akari, she told her that she's only interested in her, and that she do like her.
  • Akari with an angry look in her eyes is what she likes most and wanted to see.
  • To make Akari her pet is her wish that she informed her about.
  • If Akari become hers completely, she would never use her friend Riko Mine to hurt Aria.
  • Episode 10 minute 20:13-20-24 She showed Akari the front and back side of her naked body as soon as she came invited to room n.401 of Lost Dance hotel to start their battle.
  • Since Nonoka was suffering from Fuchou poison, she promised Akari to give her the antidote, in return she wanted Takemakuri, The Mamiya's secret poison as well as herself as an extra prize.
  • Expressing her desire to have Oleander, also known as Kyochikutou which is an oral toxic that blooms in the field, she got right behind Akari whispering softly to her ear.
  • The last chance she gave Akari to join I-U, she said that she'll take care of her and help her grow in order to become stronger than Aria.
  • As Akari followed after her to the balcony, she informed her about Kyochikutou in the language of flowers, oleander means "dangerous love", while standing on transparent Nanowires which made her seemed as if she was floating.
  • Sitting on Hina after using a poison on her which entered through her body during their fight and abstracted most of her clothes, the reason she wanted to see Hina's face by uncovering her ninja mask because in Fuuma's clan, when a female ninja's face is seen, it's as if her naked body is seen, afterwards, she asked her how feels while she's looking directly at her face and making her blush.
  • Raika's body when she met her alone is what she found to be nice and easily poisoned, then after she poisoned her using her nail on her thigh, she asked if it does tingle her so much that it feels good, she also told her that she looks cute, eventually she requested her to stay that way and writhe.


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