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Liones Yelistratova
Rionesu Erisutorātova
Age 13
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Liones "Lion" Yelistratova is the main character of the anime Hina Logi. She is a peppy and excitable princess from a small country that came to study at a school in Hokkaido which is a special facility run by ALCA who trains Logicalists to protect the peace of the world. There she meets many unique classmates, including the most important to her Nina Alexandrovna.

Yuri Feats

  • When she arrived at school, she already knew about Nina's feats as a Logicalist and was a fan of her so she was really happy to see her, and at the end of the episode, she told Nina she loves her, but because of her personality and the way she said it, it wasn't clear at the time how much she meant it.
  • During the summer festival, she helds Nina's hands multiple times and shares her cotton candy with her, at the end they dance together.
  • She and Nina have the leading roles in a play with romantic connotations. They even sing a duet.
  • After Nina saves her from going berserk, she saves Nina's life with newly acquired healing powers, then she princess carries her back home. Their duet plays as the ending of this episode.
  • Next episode, after eating New Year's soba, they go outside on the balcony and when the clock hits midnight, Lion kisses Nina on the lips.
  • During Valentine's Day, she gets sad at the start because she thought she wouldn't be able to give Nina Valentine's chocolate and have literally a "day of love" with her, fortunately she manages to do it, and while Nina is being controlled by her own love arrow, she enjoys the romantic advances that Nina makes on her, all day, to the point she gets overexcited that Nina wanted to be alone with her, at the end of the episode, after receiving Nina's Valentine's chocolate, she says she loves her, this time being clear how much she means it.
  • In the final episode, the rest of the cast remark that they know how much she loves Nina, and she herself repeats it at the end of the episode. She also gets excited over a bunch of Nina's pictures, says Nina would have won a beauty contest, spends the night watching the stars together with her, and they return to school holding hands while leaning on each other.