EP37580 639681.jpg
Age 16
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 7
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Separated

Lodreamon is one of the main characters from the yuri series Simoun. A gentle, innocent Sibylla from an important family. Everyone addresses her as ojō-sama. As children, she and Mamiina met, but were divided by the class difference between them. 

Yuri Feats

  • Only at episode 1 and 2, she paired with Elly before Elly chose her gender in the spring to quit piloting the Simoun accompanied with Neviril, from that incident and after Mamīna's arrival, she was chosen to be her partner.
  • Before a night training assignment, she shared a kiss with Morinas.
  • One night, She danced a paired dance with Morinas.
  • It wasn't as if she didn't feel anything about Mamiina, her objective for asking her to a talk after lunchtime was to be friends with her again, and she feels the same way about her now.
  • She wants to stay close and friendly to Mamiina much for her rejection.
  • She cut her braids to convince Mamiina to love her and be her friend despite having much difference.
  • She sang lullabies to ease and entertain Limone as well as Mamiina.
  • In on of the episodes, at a thunderstorm she invited Limone to come to her bed if she was afraid.
  • She kissed many girls such as Alty and Mamiina for the activation of the Simoun.
  • In the Ubel operation mission, she kissed Morinas in a night view.
  • In a stormy night, she asked Limone if she was scared she can come and sleep in her bed if she'd like, nevertheless she was the one who was scared.
  • Whenever Mamiina is absent, she goes to her, and she likes to style her hair perfectly.
  • For Mamiina's strength and talent she thought that if she were by her side, she could become a strong person someday too, but when she saw her in danger before, she realized that things couldn't just keep going on as they had been, no matter how much she wants to be by her side, she knows that she'd be helpless without her, and that if she doesn't want to lose Mamina, she have to become a stronger person, so she can protect her.


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