Madoka Kaname
Madoka Chara Sheet.jpg
暁美 ほむら
Kaname Madoka
Age 14
Gayness 8
Boldness 6
Commitment 9
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status In a relationship

Madoka Kaname is the main protagonist in both anime and manga of Madoka Magica. Her main goal is to drive all the witches out of this world.

Yuri Feats

With Homura Akemi

  • For a certain reason, The duration Homura was introduced to the class, she avoided looking directly at her after she kept staring at her.
  • At Walpurgis Night, she ran to meet Homura who was injured, and gave her a hug, she recognizes and appreciates that she's standing there because Homura wanted to protect her, because Homura cared for her all that time.
  • Before she got to separate with Homura after clearing all of the witches, she gave her a hug, acknowledging how just hard Homura tried to help her previously, just how many times she cried, even while getting hurt, and it was all for Madoka, since she was able to know the real Homura because she ended up being a magical girl and purifying the world from evil witches, and that she have found out she had a great friend by her side the whole time, she was really happy.
  • Her ribbon which she gave Homura is an embodiment and a proof that even if Homura can't see her, can't hear her, she'll be right there, by her side.
  • In the PSP game, Madoka invites Homura to stay in her house for dinner with her family. Madoka's mother (Junko) mentions that Madoka speaks a lot about Homura. Madoka denies this out of embarrassment.
  • There's a role reversal in the PSP game where Madoka wants to protect Homura.
  • Madoka never hesitates to hold Homura's hands.
  • Out of the group, Madoka seems to pay more attention to Homura than any of the other girls.
  • Madoka appears to be more open to Homura.
  • One night she was having a talk with Homura, she told her that feels like she have known her forever, and how she have been wanting to have a talk with her for a long time.

With Sayaka Miki

  • Hitomi supposed Madoka and Sayaka share a love relationship due for their exchanging looks when they were only in range of telepathic communication.
  • Sayaka's happiness is what she valued over her own life, stating that she would become a magical girl if it means she can help her, not until Kyubey was killed for the second time by Homura.
  • She hugged Sayaka while she was crying over losing Kyousuke for Hitomi.


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