Age 20
Gayness 8
Boldness 7
Commitment 5
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Heart Broken

Mami is a main character in the story "Cigarettes ≠ Chocolate" from Yuri Hime Collection. A kind, self-centered, talkative and childish college girl who can't live without chocolate.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She jokes about going on a date with Kaya.
  • She admires Miss Campus Sumire Nakano, thinking she's always beautiful especially when she talks, and moves her hair which she finds looking so cute and fluffy.
  • Sumire's beauty can make her heart race.
  • Just looking at Sumire makes her happy, that's never happened before around the guys.
  • She'd be happier if Sumire went out with her.
  • Fell in love with Sumire at first sight.
  • Tried her best to create more opportunities to talk to Sumire, like researching about tips for looking cuter.
  • She was so happy since Sumire admired her cuteness.
  • Thinks she had a great experience falling in love with a girl. Her one-sided crush on Sumire made her happy, and she got plenty of happiness out of it.
  • Her love for Sumire is sweet that it makes her feel like it could just melt like chocolate.
  • Her aim: To make herself pretty for Sumire.


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