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Maria Uragami
浦上 真理愛
Uragami Maria
Age 16
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 8
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Dating

Maria Uragami is the protagonist of the yuri visual novel Tenshi Tsuki no Shoujo. A serious and antisocial honor student. She lived a quiet life with her mother, her parents having divorced when she was still young. This ended when due to malpractice her mother died during a routine surgery intended to remove a benign tumor. Left with nothing but some reparations and a burning anger for the doctor who committed the careless error, her wish to kill grew stronger as time passed. Fast forwarding several years, Maria finds herself in a similar boat, as being in the position of a surgeon, and against all odds she has to find the means to save a girl suffering of heart conditions. The only thing which could help them is a "Miracle". Maria is a religious, cautious girl who often visits the Cathedral to pray for Jesus. She got depressed to losing her appetite after losing her divorced sickly mother who used to share her room, and her father had married another wife since she was a baby, so she hadn't saw his face once. She's from Class A-3. Her grades are the top in her class, besides being a top class student, she has always been number one honor student since enrolling at high school. She secretly wished to kill the surgeon who accidentally killed her mother. After her graduation from a medical college, she was employed as a surgeon whose skill is perfectly unmatched by any. She prefers tea over coffee.

Yuri Feats

  • She dates Miho in the infirmary nearly everyday.
  • While having Miho's kiss one evening, she felt her body was dominated by her "Ki/Energy" pouring directly from her lips.
  • After years has passed since seeing Gabriel/The Angel who possessed Miho's body, she had a night dream about her, then felt calm and relaxed after Gabriel's hug in that night dream.