Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status In a relationship

Marika is a main character in the yuri one shot manga Ojou-sama to Maid-san ga Yuri Yuri suru. A refined, caring, clever and opportunist maid who works in Sheryl's household, and have a love relationship with her.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Since Sheryl's tutor was sick she planned to have some alone time with Sheryl.
  • What she gets excited about is where the light will help her see Sheryl's body better.
  • If Sheryl doesn't need tea, she'll have Sheryl.
  • Before she get to touch Sheryl, she told the other maids "Mistress will be studying", so they won't bother them, therefore, she offered her to let her voice out, starting with rubbing her breasts at page 3.
  • Because Sheryl was too embarrassed to let her voice out, she covered her mouth with a kiss.
  • Kissing Sheryl's lips she felt it was delicious, soft and cute lips.
  • As she noticed Sheryl wants more, she offered her to stick out her tongue during kissing.
  • To find Sheryl came just from kissing her she give her a hug and tell her she's cute.
  • On bed, she stripped Sheryl's breasts and caress them, admiring that they're so warm, soft and inviting at page 6.
  • Being alone with Sheryl makes her happy too, but it's not enough, she wants to touch her, embrace her, kiss her, it makes her so happy it drives her crazy, she also giggled and wondered if it was true for Sheryl as well, that being alone together has thrown her off-balance.
  • Whether it's day or night, she loves Sheryl more if she shows her embarrassed side to her when she touches her.
  • To prove to Sheryl that she found her showing her body for her to be so adorable, she started to massage her breasts, offering her to relax and show her all her embarrassed sides at page 8 and 9, she lightly squeezed her perking up nipples, pulled on them, sucked them, licked and moved them, then she progressed further to discover she's wet already at page 10.
  • Sheryl's wet butt is what she finds to be so cute, she also loves its wonderful smell.
  • While touching Sheryl she requested her to tell her how she wants it.
  • Page 11 At Sheryl's request, she ate her butt up on bed, and it was a treat for her.
  • Riding on Sheryl's butt she felt Sheryl's clit to be so good like it was sucking on her.
  • Sheryl's sound great to her ears the time she was atop her on their usual position before they both climaxed.
  • She cum again after she received an oral sex from Sheryl on bed, then kissed her on the lips afterwards.
  • She finds Sheryl to be cute in her maid outfit, then hugged her admiringly.

Gallery Edit

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