Matoi Sumeragi
Matoi Sumeragi visual 1.png
Sumeragi Matoi
Age 14
Gayness 7
Boldness 8
Commitment 8
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Matoi Sumeragi is the protagonist of the non-yuri anime series Matoi the Sacred Slayer. A gentle and shy junior high school student that works part-time at Tenman Shrine as a shrine maiden. In her transformation form she have pink-colored hair, and red eyes, she also have white wings and have the ability to fly.

Yuri Feats

With Clarus Tonitrus

  • Because Clarus got hurt trying to protect her willing to complete her task even if it costs her her life, she transformed and tried to save her along with Yuma by opening a Gate of Caelum, where she accepted to stay with her for a little while even if she was scared, but she couldn't leave her alone.
  • Before even preparing dinner she forced Clarus by dragging her to the house because she couldn't leave her.
  • While Claris was laying on her bed at their sleeping time she expressed her appreciation and happiness for Clarus has protect her, on that night she whispered that she's so cute and it's a waste that she doesn't dress fashionably, so she decided to go on a trip with her by the train bound for Tokyo, she wouldn't give her a reason though even when she asked, there where she had fun with dressing her up in in various outfits excitedly and went shopping with her.
  • For a certain reason she was mournful when Clarus didn't put on the bra she own.
  • In Tokyo trip along with Clarus and Yuma she kept away the boys from approaching or courting Clarus.
  • The first time she saw Clarus's smile when they were alone watching Yuma's dance with her gods, she told her that it's cute.


  • One of her biggest wishes: to be an ideal wife for a person whose gender isn't mentioned by her.
  • When she arrived late one night to her house naked due to her divine transformation, and found out that Yuma was there she was shy.


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