Anata aritai no 1 0
Age 15
Gayness 10
Boldness 6
Commitment 10
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status In a relationship

Maya is the protagonist of the yuri oneshot manga Anata Konomi ni Naritai no. A clever and perverted girl who is in love with Nozomi, a girl who is in the same year as Maya, but from a different class and club.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She first met Nozomi at the entrance ceremony, she instantly fell in love with her after catching a brief glimpse of her modest smile, and her happiness is too cute for her to handle.
  • While she and Nozomi were in different classes and clubs, she managed to close the distance between them little by little, and finally the two of them are close enough to spend time at each other's houses.
  • At her first visit to Nozomi's house, she looked at her closet which she wondered about Nozomi's panties place in it, and to her bed where Nozomi's sweat and whatnot on the sheets.
  • For discovering the stuffed big bunny over Nozomi's bed, she had perverted thoughts about it sleeping every night with Nozomi, sure it's a stuffed animal but that's still unforgettable by her, and succeeded in predicting that Nozomi used to masturbate.
  • She was trying to calm herself down, and to spend time with her as a "friend", because she was sure Nozomi would freaks out if she ever realized that she was looking at Nozomi in "that" kinda way.
  • For getting an invitation from Nozomi at Saturday to her house again, she was pleased that she doesn't hate her for touching her stuffed animal anymore, and initially allocate her chance to turn things around, to end up taking that animal's place by her side.
  • She was so happy for knowing that Nozomi is in love with her, and did the lovemaking by using the bunny suit adored by Nozomi, and in the suit is so hot that she can't tell if she's sweating or getting wet, for Nozomi opened up to her, she gave her an answer that she fells the same about her, too.


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