Mayu Semimaru
蝉丸 まゆ
Semimaru Mayu
Age 15-16
Gayness 8
Boldness 5
Commitment 9
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Newly Dating

Mayu Semimaru is a supporting character in the yuri manga Sasameki Koto. A first year high school student who joined the girls' karate club. She can be aggressive sometimes especially towards her childhood friend Koino Matsubara.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • If she and Koino in the same club, she could protect her if she was in trouble. And after Koino's teasing, she feels bothered and shy.
  • When she's left on her own, she still gets lawfully lonely, when she went on her dojo's training camps, she ended up giving Koino a call because she couldn't stand not seeing her for an entire day, although using the phone was forbidden. also, she gets irritated when Koino mentions it.
  • Later in the manga she harbors feelings for Sumika herself, finding herself jealous whenever she sees her with Ushio and whenever Sumika pats her head she gets shy.
  • Staring at Sumika she came to realize that something is strange with her but she doesn't really know what. Whenever she's faced with Sumika she starts acting all weird, she wasn't like that before, even though she was finally able to practice karate with her, just looking at her makes her nervous, she have never happened to her before, so she doesn't know what she's supposed to do.
  • Her face expression became sad when she saw Sumika was walking home with Ushio.
  • Her face puffed when Koino reminded her of Sumika's hair style at Charlotte birthday party.
  • Bright red was her face when Sumika entered her room to get something for her.
  • A determination to confess her love for Sumika was her aim after a karate tournament, that's why she was willing to win that tournament, to prove herself to her too.
  • She confessed her love to Sumika after a tournament, then made an excuse to sulk with a shy face.
  • For cooking a meal with Koino and staying in her place sometime, she supposed that she and Koino were like a married couple.
  • After knowing from Tomoe about the love between Sumika and Ushio she was in a total depression.


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