Megu Kakizaki
Rozen 05 9.jpg
柿崎 めぐ
Kakizaki Megu
Age Unknown
Gayness 9
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Separated

Megu Kakizaki is a supporting character from Rozen Maiden series. She is a sickly girl who had a heart disease, and who is also the medium of Suigintou. lives in a hospital room, under constant care from nurses. She does not believe in taking the food from the nurses, because she has a very bleak outlook on life and often prays for an "Angel of Death" to take her away. She sees herself as a burden upon her parents, who she claims are "guilty" of having her.

Yuri Feats:

  • She initially believes that Suigintou is the "Angel of Death" she has hoped for and requests that Suigintou kills her by draining away her energy.
  • Despite her apathy towards life in general, she is quite needy, and increasingly desires Suigintou's company, even throwing tantrums when Suigintou is away.
  • She calls her Suigintou (Tenshi-sama) and considers her perfect.
  • She enjoys her company, and dislikes being interrupted of her special secret time with Suigintou.
  • Her song consisted the words(White Flowers Are Blooming).
  • She decorated Suigintou's hair and hers with matched flowers in order to be Suigintou's pair.


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