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Age ? (Young-adult)
Gayness 10
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Dating

Mikage is the protagonist of the story A Space Voyage With Suwako-san of Yuri Hime Collection. A secretive, curious and a bit pessimistic employer at a researching building located near the university she graduated from. She first met Suwako who's 5 years older than her, when her friend Yukako invited her to a concert with her when it turned out her boyfriend couldn't go. She believes Suwako is an enigma, an alien who came to Earth from outer space, thinking about her lead to no answers.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She can only fall in love with women.
  • Her love for Suwako makes her feel like she has been plasted off into space.
  • She fell in love with Suwako at first sight that she doesn't remember what Suwako's husband looked like at all, and was captivated by her.
  • The reason she didn't get another job: She fears she won't be able to see Suwako anymore since she's only free during the day.
  • Easily, she gets shy whenever Suwako hold her hand during their walk.
  • To her, Suwako is ridiculously adorable.
  • One time, she got up the courage to tell Suwako how she felt about her, knowing she'd probably never see her again afterward.
  • The reason she wanted to cry: because she believes Suwako thinks she can do whatever she wants, and she'll just get along with it, that's why she wishes to hate Suwako.
  • Her fever could disappear if Suwako visited her, shared a kiss with her.
  • She gasps and her eyes wills up with tears since Suwako invited her to a concert, she always jump at invitations from her, even though she brushes hers off.
  • Whenever Suwako intends to leave her past 5 p.m. she clings to her, like when she sulked and pulled on her panties, begging her not to go.
  • She has been trying not to think about Suwako's husband.
  • She had a dream about running away with Suwako, and traveling to the space.
  • While having coffee with Suwako, she asked her to run away with her.

Gallery Edit

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