20190421 182609
Age ?
Gayness  10
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

Mitsu is the protagonist of the story The Girl in Black in Yuri Hime Collection. A passionate and protective young girl who's in love with Ayane.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She always wears black outfits just to get Ayane's attention, since she told her girls look prettier in black outfits.
  • She blushes if Ayane hugs her, and asks for more of her hugs.
  • If any man attacked Ayane, she'll be there to protect her.
  • When Ayane hold her, she believes it's like they become one with each other.
  • Her wish is to see what it would be like to get even closer to Ayane.

Gallery Edit

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