Mitsuko Sakai
Umy teddy bear 007-1
Sakai Mitsuko
Age 16
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Dating

Mitsuko Sakai is a main character in the stories My Teddy Bear and Summer Delights of Yuri Hime Collection. A cool and beautiful Member of the Student Council, she's is secretly a bright and hyper girl who is crazy about teddy bears.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she hit him with a remote and broke his tooth, wherefore she believe that she doesn't need a man.
  • The reason why she likes summer vacation: to spend time with Mako at the ocean, and the pool, to have some barbeque with her, and go to mountains, and the river with her, while staring at her white dress at a summer resort.
  • Touching the tip of Mako's nose, she admired with a flushed face how she looked so cute to her like "Lou-kun", the teddy bear she believe if she had, she won't need any man, plus she called her "My Little teddy bear", considering it the perfect nickname for her :Koguri Mako= Koguma (little bear).
  • To cheer up Mako, she kissed her on the face and hugged her at a bar.
  • Since Mako shoved her out of embarrassment at a bar, she advanced to fall on her admiring how she get "The delicious smell of a young lady", before a waiter came to present the beer they've ordered.
  • Mako's underwear the time she was atop her on the floor of a bar is what reckoned them to be just for her, not for the waiter to see.
  • She was eager for Mako to tell her how she really feel about her, because she was tired of waiting she touched her head closely to hers, asking her if it would bother Mako if she get together with someone else again.
  • At her first year of high school, when she said two girls couldn't go out with each other, she was only trying to trick Mako into saying something, which means that she was less bold and more shy that year.
  • At a bar, she cuddled Mako and demanded her to come on out and unhide her face on the table's surface, calling her by "My little teddy bear".
  • Frequently at nights she go out drinking on a date with Mako.
  • Catching Mako's jealousy signal and her eye contact which denoted her wish to be her teddy bear in place of the one she just bought recently from the same store, she passionately pounced on her and fall, then they were both crazy in love.

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