Miyako Tamae
38242 260135
当麻 みやこ
Tamae Miyako
Age 15-17
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

Miyako Tamae is a supporting character in the yuri series Sasameki Koto. While she looks like an innocent and clumsy girl, her true self is quite different, having a devilish and blunt personality.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Glittering under the sunset sky after school, secretly in the classroom she kisses Tomoe Hachikusa.
  • She and Tomoe's relationship is quite transparent even in public.
  • She doesn't want Tomoe to let go of her hand.
  • She discovered that Sumika watches Ushio all the time during PE.
  • Having romantic daydreams about Tomoe getting back from work to her palace is making her eyes sparkle with love. Especially when she hugged her and asked her if she favors to eat, have a bath, or to have her. Tomoe in her dreams voted for all these choices.
  • Tomoe looks great with an apron on in her opinion.
  • In Ushio's house, the rule was 30 minutes to make a one dish, the decision would be made by her partner Tomoe after tasting them blindfolded.
  • Being fed by Tomoe in lunchtime is a usual situation.
  • One of the things she loves about Tomoe is that she calmly do what others dare not, such as kissing Aoi, she strangely didn't get ubset about it. And she thinks that she's the best.
  • One of the good things she likes about Tomoe, is that nothing Sumika says gets through her.
  • When she dies, she prefers to do so alone with Tomoe.
  • She's fine with anything, as long as she's with Tomoe, the next time she suggested that they'd visit an Osen (hot spring).
  • Whenever she's without Tomoe, she is edgy and upset. like in the pool, when she insist on returning to her.
  • If diving to a pool in a rainy weather is what Tomoe wants, she'll do it.
  • Sleeping with Tomoe until morning is one of the things she does.
  • As long as she can see Tomoe's smile, a little muscle fatigue is nothing for her at all. but she'll be counting on her for a tho-rough massage at night.
  • She cuddled Tomoe's arm when she became frightened of losing the new friendships she've gained, saying that she'll always have her.
  • A proof of her loyalty to Tomoe is shown when she stated that even if she dies, Tomoe and she will always be one.
  • Where Tomoe goes she'll follow her, even to places she doesn't prefer to go.


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