Momo Kuzuryū
九頭竜 桃
Kuzuryū Momo
Age 14
Gayness 10
Lewdness 7
Boldness 6

Momo Kuzuryū is a major character in the game Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni. A reserved girl with a low voice, and wields a spear in battle. She is one of the new arrivals to Bhikkhuni. Her birthday is July 23rd.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Over the course of the game Rinka helps her to change from a person who only cares about being stronger and killing to a caring loving individual.
  • In one of the optional scenes in the game Rinka gives her a lap pillow.
  • She tends to sneak up on Rinka grope ther when she isn't looking.
  • During one of her events she claims that it's calming to grope Rinka's chest when Rinka asks her why she does it.
  • Before introducing herself to her classmates in Class VR, she sneaked up on Rinka to suddenly start groping her breasts.
  • After her introduction to Class VR, she asked if she can fondle Rinka's breasts once Rin have given her permission.
  • With Ranka's invitation, she approached to fondle her breasts and to praise her good-shaped pectorals, to feel her underarm and shoulder muscles too.
  • For certain reason when her head hurted her, she told Mana to refrain from touching her, even by merely coming near her.
  • Even though Mana have the right to choose her own partner, she insisted to pair up with her to fight Kongo, illustrating that Mana can't choose her own partner when she only have one person to choose from, this proves how she can be possessive of Mana.
  • When she agreed to team up with Manpukumaru, and went to get their entry forms for the scheduled battles submitted, she was shy.
  • Looking at Mana leaving with Viola, she thought of herself as an empty shell, and felt that she doesn't have anything left at that time, saying that she couldn't find a place for herself in Bhikkhuni, either.
  • For the first time, she laughed after knowing about Manpukumaru's reason for fighting so earnestly to collect the points needed for the food purchases, picking up that it's not that really all that important where she came from, or what she fight for, that reason was enough to fill her heart with joy.
  • While looking at Manpukumaru licking Rinka on the cafeteria's floor, she blushed, went nervous, and tried to cover her eyes with her hands.
  • Meeting Rinka whom she will pair with decided by the lottery of the scheduled battles, she got shy and her voice dropped as she thanked her for Rinka let her know that she's really lucked out by getting paired up with her.
  • Only because Rinka realized that she Momo called her by her first name, she got embarrassed.
  • In the cafeteria, she got embarrassed after Manpukumaru called her cute.
  • On the beach, she was shy to show her swimsuit to the other Valkyries.

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