Mune Ōmune
Ōmune Mune
Age 14
Gayness 10
Boldness 3
Commitment 9
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Mune Ōmune is a main character from the yuri series Scorching Ping Pong Girls. The vice-captain of the table tennis club. As a player, she has brutal offensive power but her heavyset frame makes her run out of steam quickly when she's forced on the defensive.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She was so shy and nervous when Kiruka Ushirode placed her head on her breasts to relax.
  • She allows Kiruka to relax using her breasts as pillows.
  • As she was hugged by Kiruka with both of them blushing, she thought her victory was because she was there by her side.


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