Knight Murakumo Boob Scales
Age 18
Gayness 6
Boldness 6
Commitment 3
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status Dating

Murakumo is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. A Shinobi who keeps her face hidden under an ogre mask, which gives her a frightening persona in battle. However, when her mask inevitably comes off, she has a very shy and introverted personality, getting so nervous that she stammers and stutters on nearly every syllable. She wields a spear in her left hand and a giant cleaver in the right. Murakumo draws manga comics. Rice Cakes is her favorite food. Her birthday is on October 8th.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • After a Rock Paper Scissors boobs game between Shiki and Yumi, she cooperated with Minori to strip Yumi.
  • She lied shyly next to Shiki on the same bed for Valentine's Day.


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