Mysterious Girl
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

                                                                                      Mysterious Girl is a main character in the yuri oneshot manga Shūjū Yuri Hon. A sickly, kind, clumsy and romantic fox girl who lived a solitary existence, she usually feed chicks which enter her room through the window. Her wish is to walk under the blue sky, on the green grass, hand in hand with the person she likes, and that's what she live for.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Upon meeting Ritsu she told her that she like quiet people like her.
  • When she get better, she promised to take a walk with Ritsu under the blue sky, on the green grass.
  • Since she made Ritsu her lover, she didn't want to be called "Mistress" by her.
  • Laying on her bed, she requested Ritsu to hold her hand, plus she wanted to stay like that.
  • What she worries about: If she never get to see Ritsu's face again.
  • Because Ritsu was close to her on bed, she questioned her if she have read novels about couples who would hold their hands and snuggle together before giving her a kiss on her lips.
  • She's shown significant improvement, and her vision completely recovered because she have been in high spirits due to her spring blooming romance with Ritsu which she got shy about once the doctor mentioned it.
  • The most wonderful thing which healed her weak body: Falling in love with Ritsu and being loved by her. Her recovery was nothing short of a miracle.
  • To see Ristu's face again once her eyes heal is what she was enthusiastic about.
  • Even though she couldn't see Ritsu's tears, she knew that she was crying, because they're lovers.
  • From the very beginning, she have loved Ritsu.
  • Her wish was granted to take a walk on the green grass, under the blue spring sky with Ritsu.
  • Even if there were times when she doesn't understand what Ritsu was thinking about, that part of her is what she find to be cute.
  • She blushed for knowing that Ritsu is always thinking about her.

Gallery Edit

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