Mysterious Girl
Ssnowflakes 004-1
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status In a relationship

Mysterious Girl is a main character in the story Snowflakes Fluttering through The Clear Sky of Yuri Hime Collections. A kind, emotional, spoiled and insecure princess of a certain kingdom who started using magic that made Louries her prisoner, the magic of love. She likes to read story books with Louries.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Whenever she meet Louries she feels happiness.
  • If Louries is behind in her work and missed the opportunity to read a story book with her, get a little angry because she really want to read it with her.
  • She wished Louries would just hurry up and finish her work soon so they would meet again.
  • If Louries politely declined her offer to come to her rooms one evening since Louries was to mandatorily depart early the next morning, she feels down.
  • She agreed to Claire's question that she do care for Louries a great deal.
  • The early days of Louries training at the castle, when she made a careless mistake concerning the other knights and was forced to spend the night in an abandoned building as punishment, as she sat there petrified, the princess came to see her alone deciding on staying with her until morning comes.
  • In the same abandoned building Louries spent the night in an abandoned in as punishment, she have been waiting for Louries to find her one night because she demanded Louries to worry about her.
  • When Louries picked her up and out of the abandoned building, she was nervously shy.
  • Since Louries's loyalty was proven by the present of the snow that isn't cold and doesn't melt that she viewed her, she gave her a kiss on her lips as a more efficient method of conveying her feelings.

Gallery Edit

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