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Gayness 10 
Commitment 10
Lewdness  5
Relationship Status In a relationship

Nanako is the protagonist of the story Arcadia~ Flowers of Paradise in Yuri Hime Collection. A cheerful and amnesiac ghost who lives in Yui's dorm.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • One morning, she tried to kiss Yui to wake her up for school, and tickle her tummy, though she couldn't really do it because she's a ghost
  • While she giggled, she thought Yui was like a cute angel after she woke up.
  • Every new day is beginning like bright new light to her since she met Yui.
  • While Yui was changing into her uniform, she let her know how she's so beautiful.
  • Her wish is to be Yui's ribbon, because then they'd always be together.
  • Even just Yui's fingertips, or her hair, she desired to touch Yui, because she wanted to learn so much more about her.
  • The usual goodbye routine she does with Yui every time she head to school: they hold hands together with their heads slightly touching.
  • She really do love Yui a lot, even if she doesn't love her the same way, even if it was just an illusion of something she can never have, like the flowers of Paradise, that doesn't change how she feels.

Gallery Edit

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