The Neptunia series, also known as "Hyperdimension Neptunia" is a role-playing game produced by Compile Heart.

The franchise follows characters who are representations of gaming consoles. Such as with the main four Goddesses, Neptune, representing Sega consoles; Noire representing Sony consoles (PlayStation); Blanc representing Nintendo consoles; and Vert, representing Microsoft consoles (Xbox), among others. In addition to this, there are many side characters repesenting game companies (Known as 'Maker' characters) and even some characters repsenting concepts relating to gaming themselves.


CPUs (Goddesses)Edit

Neptune - CPU of Planeptune

Noire - CPU of Lastation

Blanc - CPU of Lowee

Vert - CPU of Leanbox

Plutia - CPU of Planeptune

Peashy - CPU of Eden

Rei Ryghts - CPU of Tari

Uzume Tennouboshi - CPU of Planeptune

CPU CandidatesEdit

Nepgear - CPU Candidate of Planeptune

Uni - CPU Candidate of Lastation

Rom - CPU Candidate of Lowee

Ram - CPU Candidate of Lowee


Histoire - Oracle of Planeptune

Kei Jinguji - Oracle of Lastation

Mina Nishizawa - Oracle of Lowee

Chika Hakozaki - Oracle of Leanbox


Planeptune MakersEdit

Compa - Based on Compile Heart

IF - Based on Idea Factory

Red - Based on Red Entertainment

Falcom - Based on Nihon Falcom

Broccoli - Based on Broccoli

Segami - Based on Sega Games Co., Ltd

Lastation MakersEdit

Nisa - Based on Nippon Ichi Software America

Gust (Superdimension) - Based on Gust Co. Ltd

CyberConnect2 - Based on CyberConnect2

Tekken - Based on Tekken

Lowee MakersEdit

Gust (Hyperdimension) - Based on Gust Co, Ltd

MarvelousAQL - Based on MarvelousAQL

Leanbox MakersEdit

5pb. - Based on 5pb.

Cave - Based on CAVE Interactive CO., LTD

MAGES. - Based on MAGES.

Unsorted/Unaffiliated MakersEdit

Million Arthur - Based on Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur 

God Eater - Based on God Eater

Nitroplus - Based on nitro+ Co., Ltd.

Tamsoft - Based on Tamsoft Corperation

Gold Third Edit

C-Sha - Based on Capcom Co., Ltd.

B-Sha - Based on Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

K-Sha - Based on Komami Digital Entertainment

S-Sha/E-Sha - Based on Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

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