Nina Alexandrovna
Nīna Arekusandorovuna
Age 13
Gayness 10
Boldness 3 (10 when alone with Lion)
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

Nina Alexandrovna is the main love interest of the anime Hina Logi. She likes fluffy things. She is a strong and experienced Logicalist that was sent to school because there was something she still needed to learn, later we get to know it was something along the lines of teamwork and socializing. Over there she meets the girl that changes her life Liones Yelistratova.

Yuri Feats

  • She is the one who starts the hand holding chain during the summer festival, with the excuse that Lion might get lost. She blushes heavily when she notices that Lion isn't wearing anything under her yukata, taking a full view of Lion's butt and from that angle, probably something more.
  • She blushes on a more romantic way while holding hands at the dance proposal during the end of the episode.
  • She is happy when she manages to hug Lion, after cheering her up for their play rehearsal.
  • She and Lion have the leading roles in said play, with romantic connotations. They even sing a duet.
  • She makes Lion lose control of her transformation, but she immediately goes alone to rescue her and almost dies in the process.
  • She gets on first-name basis with Lion after these events.
  • She doesn't react in any kind of negative way after she gets kissed by Lion without warning during New Year, on the contrary, she just blushes, touches her lips to relive the feeling and points out it was her first kiss.
  • She makes Valentine's chocolate for Lion, and only Lion, and she has it done since before Lion even starts making hers.
  • She just blushes and smiles when Lion says she loves her, and just lets her hug her from behind.
  • She changes the mirror she had in her room before the kiss, it used to be a simple mirror, but in the next episode, it's now a mirror with Lion's country design around the edges.
  • She changes her general attitude towards Lion, before the kiss she was a bit annoyed that Lion ruined her plans of spending the New Year alone, after the kiss she happily lets Lion in her room at night, and happily spends the night watching the stars together with her. Just the two together.
  • She returns back to school with Lion holding hands and blushes heavily when the other classmates are there waiting for them, proving that her Boldness level is 10 only when she is alone with Lion, she is too shy to do romantic things in public yet.
  • She is just plain happy when Lion falls on her and hugs her.


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