Non Manaka
Non New-1
真中 のん
Manaka Non
Age 9-10
Gayness 7
Boldness 10
Commitment 6
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Crushing

Non Manaka is The reliable little sister of Laala Manaka and a main character of Season 3. She is a 4th grade elementary school student.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She is a fan of Pink Actress, as well as a big fan of Falulu Vocaldoll, Aromageddon, and Fuwari Midorikaze.
  • She idolizes Falulu the most, calling her (Lady Falulu), she even praised her directly saying that she's so pretty and dreamy just like the perfect idol.
  • At episode 34, she handed Falulu a red flower from the glasshouse she is in charge of attending it represents her feelings towards her favorite idol Falulu, and arranged with Laala to carry it to her in Pripara, which she isn't allowed to enter because she wasn't an idol yet.
  • Pripara is a place where mostly idol girls sang songs to the crowd consists only of fan girls, and sometimes love confessions could be heard from different anonymous girls, it says (Daisuki and Aishiteru yo).
  • Even though she says that she wants to surpass her sister Laala and even mocks her sometimes or scolds her, she loves Laala greatly and is ready to defend her when someone says anything bad about her, and always swoops in to save her big sister from trouble.
  • At season 1, she sat on Laala while she was sleeping on her bed.
  • At episode 122, in the making drama of the song (Make up a-ha-ha!) she held Laala's hands and winked at her.
  • She held Jururu close to her heart while she was asleep.
  • In one of the episodes, she forced Pepper Taitō to tie her hand with hers.


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