LN Vol10 Odin.png
Age ?
Gayness 6
Boldness 5
Commitment 3
Lewdness 8
Relationship Status It's complicated

Odin is an antagonist in the series Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia. One of the four Goddess of Deus Ex Machina. In the past, Odin is a warrior woman living in an icy world reminiscent of the region of Baldein in Atlantis. Odin has a special ability to regenerate every part of her body except her left eye. However she managed to obtain a secret stone that greatly augment her ability. Thus she decided to put on the stone in place of her left eye. With her new found power she got so passionate about fighting and spent almost all of her life fighting repeating the process of defeating powerful opponent which made her eventually evolved into a machine god. Fafnir is a twin headed mechanical dragon that follows her every command. The dragon has remarkable strength that not even the strongest warrior can defeat it. It can also shoot powerful lightning attacks. Baldur is the crystal wings on Odin's back can transform into pure laser lights capable of annihilating an army in instant regardless if they are wearing magic armors or Life Saver barriers.

Yuri Feats

  • Because Aine was strong, Odin took her data and made her fight in her's (Odin) world. Aine greatly resented Odin for this and tried to win her to Odin so she could return to her world and Kizuna. Unfortunately for Aine, Odin was to powerful and almost killed her each time she tried. After Odin was defeated by the Hida siblings and Gertrude, Aine and the others from Vatlantis were finally able to get revenge on as they sexually tortured until she returned to being human.
  • When Odin first met Zelshione, she welcomed her and Grace to her (Odin) world because they were powerful enough for her to notice them. Zelshione tried to take advantage of the War Gods' greeting to use her enhanced mental abilities on her. Through they seemed successful at first, Odin quickly broke free from Zelshione control and knocked her away. After defeating the rest of Vatlantis best, Odin took Zelshione mental attack as her spoilers of war and forced her and the rest of them to fight o her world. After she was defeated by the Hida siblings and Gertrude, Zelshione sadistically took revenge against the weakening god by sexually torturing until she return to be human


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