Pythie Frederica / Yoshioka
Pythie Frederica full
ピティ・フレデリカ / 吉岡
Piti Furederika / Yoshioka
Age Around early 20's or late 30's
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 1
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Pythie Frederica is a recurring antagonist throughout the series Magical Girl Raising Project. Pythie Frederica was a former head of the Magical Girl Resources Department who later turned Prisoner. She disliked the current system that the Magical Kingdom is implementing and wants to find a Ideal Magical Girl to reform the Magical Kingdom. Pythie is very cunning and smart, as she knows that a living hostage has much more use than a dead one. She can reflect whoever she wants in her crystal ball. Her magical sword can alter the mind of whoever is stabbed.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She habitually thinks of other Magical Girls and blushes, usually, the ones with beautiful hair and elegant costumes, such as Snow White or Prism Cherry.
  • She is quite fond of Snow White and thinks she is cute, often blushing whenever thinking about her. *After the events of Unmarked (arc 1), Pythie Frederica becomes Snow White's mentor. Pythie believes that Snow White is the Ideal Magical Girl and helps her become stronger. Pythie vows to continue to nurture Snow White, as Pythie believes that she is the ideal Magical Girl.
  • She tends to watch Snow White from behind the scenes.
  • Pythie cares very much for Tot Pop and was affectionate with her, and also very proud of her personality and capabilities.
  • When Tot Pop was murdered, Pythie is genuinely enraged, which surprises and excites her. Pythie keeps Tot Pop’s handkerchief with her after her death, as seen in the Limited epilogue.
  • Pythie is enamored by Archfiend Pam. Upon seeing Archfiend Pam for the first time, Pythie vividly describes her physique in her head, even going so far as to describe Archfiend Pam's red eyes as "sucking her in."
  • Pythie thinks that she wants to rub, stroke, and feel Archfiend Pam's hair on her cheeks, and that she wants to taste it and suck her horns.
  • Pythie believes Dark Cutie is selfish for wanting Snow White on her own but believes that Dark Cutie may be good for Snow White's development as the Ideal Magical Girl.
  • In Have Our Real Lives Been Fulfilling?, Auro was stalked by Pythie Frederica. Auro's friends all assumed that Auro's stalker was a man, but Auro informs them that she was, in fact, a woman. Pythie was attracted to Auro's hair and began to follow her around suddenly, but once she got ahold of a strand, politely told Auro that her hair was not to her tastes. Auro describes this as "being dumped."

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