Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 4
Lewdness 9
Relationship Status Crushing

Red (Also stylised as 'RED') is a human character hailing from the Neptunia franchise series. As there are many different dimensions in the Neptunia series, there are multiple different Reds featured with similar personalities and interests. However, regardless of dimension, Red is always portrayed as a young and energetic tomboy with the life goal to amass a harem of girls for herself.

Yuri featsEdit

  • Red regularly flirts with the females in her party
  • Red's life goal is to amass a harem of girls to marry.

Superdimension Edit

  • In the original Hyperdimension Neptunia, Red refers to IF as "Wifey Number One" and has an interest in marrying her.
  • Red tells IF that her modesty is a turn on and she likes her humble attitude.
  • After the aformentioned event, after learning IF's name, Red declares that she is her wifey.
  • When Red ate IF's blanc-manger in one bite, the first thought that came to her mind that was that she wouldn't have a chance for an indirect kiss with IF.
    • Later, Red sent a large box of Blanc's Manju as an apology
  • In once cutscene, Red uses IF's lap as a pillow
  • After finding out IF's party consists entirely of girls, she declares that she'll join, make them all her wifeys and 'conquer' the party.
  • Red considers sneaking into another party member's bed to share it with them.
    • After rolling a dice to choose who, she gets a 5 which corrasponds to her bed
  • Red marries 'Lady Green Heart' (Vert) in a video game that they play together, then talks to IF about her fantasies of a honeymoon with Vert.

Hyperdimension Edit

  • In Re;Birth2, Red is more interested in Nepgear, and chases her around with the goal of making Nepgear her bride.
  • Red outright states that she wants to marry Nepgear on more than one occasion.

Gallery Edit

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