Ren Isuzu
Ren profile.png
五十鈴 れん
Isuzu Ren
Age 15
Gayness 6
Boldness 3
Commitment 7
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Friends (Formerly in a relationship)

Ren Isuzu Is a character in the video game Magia Record. She is a dark-aligned magical girl that (as of February 2020) does not appear in the main story but does have a side-story.

Yuri feats

  • Both her and Rika hold hands during an early scene in the manga.
  • Ren's personal memoria, The First and Last Page, has a 15% chance of protecting any ally except for Rika where it's a 100% chance.
  • During the My Diary With You event when Rika was unable to meet up with Ren, she starts to fantasize going on dates with Rika.
    • In the same event, it is revealed that all she ever writes about in her diary is things about Rika.
    • She even says that it's because of Rika that she's even alive.
  • During Rena-chan's magia she's shown cheering Rika on.
  • Her and Rika have a Christmas Variant together.


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