Retoree anime ref
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 6
Commitment 9
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Crushing

Retoree is one of the main characters of the series Show by Rock. A member of Plasmagica and the band's bassist and vocalist. A Smart phone addict and net geek dog girl. Although she seems cool, she is actually very shy. When a specialty of hers comes up, she becomes very excited.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • It is hinted, albeit rather obviously, that Retoree has taken a liking to Cyan, (due to her cuteness) especially when Cyan ends her sentences with a "nya" in episode one of the first season, which results in Retoree immediately turning around to admire her. After the misunderstanding between them, however, Retoree and Cyan have a much stronger bond with each other.
  • Photographing Cyan is what she did with passion once she changed into gym clothes.
  • She took photos of Darudayu too with the same amount of passion once they came across each other in one of the cafes.
  • Her face was blushing when Moa hugged her after she handed Plasmagica members tickets to a concert with a quite amount of shyness.
  • After Cyan reveals to the other members that she came from another world, it leads Retoree to become upset by the thought that she'll have to go home someday, as she can't bear the thought of being separated from her.
  • The limited edition strawberry snacks she bought for Cyan is a proof of a deep relationship.
  • In one of the game cards, she made a heart sign with both her hand and Cyan's in myumon form.
  • When she invited Cyan to research about the Dark Monsters using her room computer, she had a romantic moment with Cyan especially when Cyan pronounced "Nyaa", melting her heart with love.
  • Thinks Cyan's singing voice is cute.
  • Cries bitterly upon Cyan's declaration of being from another world, plus after Cyan did return to her original world.
  • She was feeling so sad after knowing that Cyan isn't from the music world, and thus had to return to her original world after a period of time, she also was looking away and shut-in in the beach training camp that she went to the hot tub alone, until Cyan joined her to tell her about her feelings.
  • Cried happily at her reunion with Cyan as she hugs her after the battle of Dagger.
  • In the beach training camp, she felt tenaciously shy since Cyan held her hand and said : "Nya/Meow" after thanking her.
  • Missed Cyan deeply when she returned to the human world that she kept gazing at the stars late at night, singing the same song they performed together in their past.


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