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Rimi Ushigome
Shy Angel.png
牛込 りみ
Ushigome Rimi
Age 15-16
Gayness 9
Boldness 2
Commitment 6
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Possibly Crushing

Rimi Ushigome is a main character in the yuri series BanG Dream!.

The bassist of Poppin'Party who's a shy and reserved girl. She is also a huge fan of the Yamabuki Bakery, and especially loves their chocolate cornets. She also likes fresh cream and chocolate. She's 150 cm tall. Her birthday is March 23.

Yuri Feats

With Kasumi Toyama

  • She becomes shy when Kasumi hugs her in several occasions:
    • After buying chocolate cornets from Yamabuki bakery.
    • When Kasumi cried and for the school's guitar banning and hugged her.
    • On their way to school.
    • After their first performance.
  • In the classroom, she was staring at Kasumi but when their eyes met she nervously turned her face away to avoid her gaze.
  • Panicked when Kasumi rubbed her cheeks against hers gently and playfully in front of the drinks machine.
  • Her eyes were twinkling while listening to Kasumi singing on the stage.


  • similarly to Himari, she's one of Kaoru's fangirls.
  • In particular she have a tendency of blushing in Kaoru's presence.
  • Admires her older sister and often gushes over her.
  • In a Girls Band Pico Ohmori episode she and Himari faint from Kaoru's performance.
  • In a lounge conversation Kaoru is just standing there and she's flustered.
  • In another lounge conversation she asks Chisato with the help of Himari on if Kaoru's always been so cool.