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Rin Hoshizora
Hoshizora Rin
Age 15
Gayness 7
Boldness 9
Commitment 8
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status In a possible relationship

Rin Hoshizora is one of the main characters in the anime and manga Love Live! School Idol Project. She is a member of the school idol group µ's (Muse) and is energetic and playful. Her childhood friend of Hanayo Koizumi. She tends to add nya (meow) as a verbal tic while speaking. Birthday: November 1.

Yuri Feats

With Hanayo Koizumi

  • Placed her finger on Hanayo's lips and shushed her, then showed her understanding of Hanayo's behavior. In this case, she recognized that Hanayo playing with her fingers was a sign.[1]
  • She's stated that she loves Hanayo's passionate side.
  • Told Hanayo that she's so adorable.
  • During stamina training, she held both of Hanayo's hands and told her that she looks so adorable. They then both started to blush.
  • Just after she grabbed Hanayo's hand to take her to µ's, Maki argued that she should escort Hanayo herself. Angrily, she asked Maki why she was getting in between the two's way.[1]
  • When she accidentally touches Hanayo's breasts both of them blush.
  • During Eli's balance training, she grabbed Hanayo's waist after she fell onto the ground.[2]


  • She's enjoyed teasing Maki Nishikino on several occasions.
    • When they start calling each other by their first names, as they were now groupmates, Rin cuddled her playfully from behind.[1]
    • By pointing out Maki's behavior, the latter's face turned red.
    • Has an understanding of Maki's character, shown when she impersonated her, much to Maki's embarrassment.[3]
  • Collapsed after Nozomi used her WashiWashiMax on her at the rooftop.[4]
  • Enjoyed teasing Umi as she filmed her using the interview camera. She deems she looked captivating when she's being shy.[5]
  • On a rainy day, on the pursuit after Nico, she succeeded in capturing her from behind.[6]
  • In the audio dramas, she has a "Captain Nozomi and Private Rin" relationship with Nozomi. This usually results in an impromptu manzai act, or her following Nozomi's shenanigans.
    • Acted out a romantic scene with Nozomi to tease Umi.[7]


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