Rin Kohana
Anime 65168 358567
小花 鈴
Kohana Rin
Age 15
Gayness 5
Boldness 6
Commitment 7
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Dating

Rin Kohana is a main character in the series Seiyu's Life! (Japanese: Sore ga Seiyuu!). She is Futaba and Ichigo's friend as well as a rookie seiyuu. She is the youngest out of their group and is a third year middle school student in Hakuo Academy. She is also a shy girl who likes calligraphy and dislikes swimming. Her family makes Japanese sweets. Her favorite food is Strawberry Daifuku. Her birthday is on 17 March.

Yuri Feats Edit

With Sayo (Sore ga Seiyuu!) Edit

  • On her room's desk, she have plushies of herself and Sayo next to each other.
  • After the conference she had with a teacher to recommend her take an entrance exam for a different school than the one Sayo chose if she was going to continue acting, rather than stay at that school because it'll be hard for Rin to work and study at the same time, another school where she can continue those activities more easily, but then, it'll resulted in her to leave Sayo, she was feeling desperate for a whole day, even the time of the net radio show recording, because Sayo has been with her forever, she doesn't want to be separated from her, that night she had her picture back when they were little from the photo album she have to hug it before bedtime.  
  • Coffee shop Donguri's Deluxe Mountain Big Parfait is only sold during summer, and she have tried every year to finish it with Sayo only, so since they haven't been able to go yet that year, she was motivated to go there with Sayo.
  • At coffee shop Donguri's Deluxe, before starting to eat the Deluxe Mountain Big Parfait along with Sayo, she made a pinkie promise with her to be together forever.

With Futaba Ichinose Edit

  • Ever since grade school she dreamed about coming to a big osen with friends, and in Matsuri Land osen bath she told Futaba and Ichigo that she have really been enjoying it, being in a nice bath with nice girls like them was really a special moment for her, she said it with shyness which was increased later by Futaba's cuddle and kisses, especially when her head was pushed between her breasts.

With Ichigo Moesaki Edit

  • At Nagakaze magazine publishing department and before the seiyuu idol unit EARPHONES interview, upon seeing Ichigo's ringlets twintails she told her that it was wonderful; also she was embarrassed to show her the new outfit she wore that day.


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