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Rin Toyama
遠山 りん
Toyama Rin
Age 25-26
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 10
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status In a possible relationship

Rin Toyama is a main character in the series New Game!. She is an art director and head of the background department. She's very nice and considerate, often seen lending a hand to those who ran in some kind of trouble. She can be seen as the mother figure of the team. She's 158 cm tall. Her birthday is December 3.

Yuri Feats

  • Rin acts like a mother and an emotional support to Kou and is often seen listening to Kou's complaints.
  • Unknown to Kou, Rin is in love with her, and is easily annoyed at how dense Kou can be. She has a huge crush on Kou, who is unaware of her feelings.
  • She got jealous when Kou gave everyone the same kind (and size) of chocolate for Valentine's Day, and was only satisfied when Kou ended up giving her quadruple the amount given to everyone else. Even then she was still a bit pissed off that she dind't think of giving her a bigger ammount of chocolate from the get-go.
  • After missing the last train, Rin ends up spending the night at the office with Kou, discussing whether their game will succeed and trying out her unique style of sleeping.
  • When Rin comes down with a cold, Kou decided to take her home and look after her. Meanwhile, Umiko hears from Nene and Aoba about how they are often worried about each other.
  • At the company vacation to a ski resort. On the first day, Rin looks after Kou after she comes down with a fever.
  • Being observant, Hifumi knows about Rin's infatuation on Kou and the blatant jealously when Kou started talking to her.