Rinka Kagurazaka
神楽坂 倫花
Kagurazaka Rinka
Age 16
Gayness 10
Lewdness 7
Boldness 7

Rinka Kagurazaka is a major character in the game Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni. The oldest of the Kagurazaka sisters. Though she’s one to be constantly smiling and has a gentle disposition at heart, her sheer rampaging prowess born from her pure heart strikes fear even in the heart of her younger sister Ranka. She fights with a Japanese sword and leaves a very nice scent in her tracks as she moves. Her birthday is December 27th. Her favorite food is cakes.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She tends to pamper her younger sister Ranka Kagurazaka often doing anything to make her happy.
  • Over the course of the game she helps Momo Kuzuryū change from a person who only cares about being stronger and killing to a caring loving individual.
  • In one of the optional scenes in the game she gives Momo a lap pillow.
  • In one of the optional scenes she gives Manpukumaru a kiss on the cheek.
  • The only person who understands Ranka is her, like when she informs her that she have this bad habit of getting all nervous before a big match.
  • While she wasn't around to look at Ranka, She is glad to Momo for keeping an eye on Ranka and protecting her, and for staying there by her side the whole time, she was really happy when she heard about that.
  • She asked Ranka to keep getting along with Momo like she have been, even just little things like eating lunch or studying together, and she'll be angry with Ranka if she breaks things off with Momo just because she's back now.
  • It warms her heart, that Ranka even has people who'll go out of their way to look after her now like Momo.
  • After she heard all about what happened with Koharu Tsukikage and Viola she was happy for them to be paired and friendly towards each other as the rumors said, as thanks to her and Ranka's favor.
  • Before she and Ranka were about ready to infiltrate the castle, she told her that the deal Ranka said to her that she'd believe in whatever she chooses to believe in, it made her realize that she wants to fight to protect Ranka from anyone who'd try to hurt her.
  • Before Momo's introduction to Class VR, when Momo sneaked up on her to suddenly start groping her breasts, pink hearts were formed and seemed floating around her head, she also was startled and blushing.
  • Meeting Koharu Tsukikage for the first time at the shore of Bhikkhuni Island, she thought she was a nice girl.
  • She can notice the slightest change of Ranka's body since their coming to Bhikkuhni Island.
  • Coming across Mana in training grounds, she significantly asked Momo if she's glad to have "A nice girl" like Mana as her roommate.
  • Ranka's self-awareness is what she find to be cute, she also told her that.
  • To her, Ranka is cute if she get embarrassed too.
  • When Ranka was already at it fondling her breasts so early in the morning, she got nervous and shy that a few hearts came floating above her head.
  • Even by Ranka's gaze at her breasts was making her nervous and shy.
  • In the cafeteria, once Manpukumaru jumped on her to lick and touch her, she got shy, ticklish and scared for Manpukumaru seemed serious to her that time.
  • After meeting Momo whom she would pair with for the scheduled battles, she let her know that she's really lucked out by getting paired up with her and made her shy.
  • As she wondered about the director's reason to change the Valkyries' partner according to the lottery system, she deemed that there aren't a lot of things more important to a Valkyrie than who she have as a partner.
  • To be called "Rinka" by Momo was enough to make her happy, for she felt like they're a little bit closer.
  • She enjoyed teasing Momo playfully by telling her that she's "so very cute".
  • Because she knew Momo thinks of her as a cute person who have got big boobs made her glad, though it was a little embarrassing to her.
  • While Mana was helping her to do her homework, she got easily distracted with her scent.
  • While Viola was groping her breasts in public, she was shy that she kept yelling, and trying to get away.
  • In the corridor, she panicked with a few hearts floating above her head when Ranka touched her in public.

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