Risa Azumi
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安曇 璃紗
Azumi Risa
Age 15-16
Gayness 10
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

Risa Azumi is a main character in the series Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo. Class Representative of the Year 1 “Snow” class, and a classmate of Miya’s. Has an earnest and hardworking personality. As a hard-nosed person, she often finds herself in leadership positions. She’s what you might call a high-class tsundere girl. The half-Japanese daughter of a foreign company with a British mother. Her birthday is 8 August.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Miya Ayase is the only person who can make her heart flutter with nervousness and the excitement of love.
  • While she naturally does well academically and has common sense, whenever she gets into it with Miya, she always gets outreasoned and frequently stomps her feet. Having an unusually strong sense of shame, she gets flustered and briefly digs herself into a hole when thrust into a romantic relationship.
  • She can kiss Miya.

Gallery Edit

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