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Shoujo Bigaku 3 0-1.jpg
Age 16
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 10
Lewdness 10
Relationship Status In a relationship

Saki is a protagonist in the yuri manga Shoujo Bigaku. She's a class rep, Masono's childhood friend and later her girlfriend.

Yuri Feats

  • Her love for Masono is a strange thing to her, it's happy and exciting.
  • Masono's hair, is so fluffy and glossy, it gives her this subconscious desire to run her fingers through it, her big eyes and long eyelashes, pure white skin and the top thing she likes about Masono's features is her pert lips.
  • She feels frustrated over the fact that when she and Masono were kids, it was completely normal for them to walk holding hand, but now that they're grown up they can't do that anymore.
  • She constantly resists the desire to touch Masono, she's so close and yet so far, she's killing her.
  • When Masono's hair got caught in a button while she was changing, and begged Saki to help her, it was her first time she have seen Masono on the floor of a dressing room, then the desire to touch Masono has reached its limits so she carassed the back of her neck much to Masono's surprise, she didn't even realize she was doing it, after that Saki's body temperature ature was already through the roof.
  • Masono and her got matching sweaters, she ended up masturbating with one of those sweaters they bought together, she was so embarrassed she didn't know how to face her.
  • Her sweet erotic dream about Masono is while she's in her bed.
  • Her big fear is Masono's rejection to her.
  • Masono's looking right at her is making her wants to kiss her lips because she finds Masono cute, beautiful and so enticing.
  • She confessed her love to Masono before she got to do the lovemaking with her, that she's always captivated by her, she have longed for Masono for so long, when she thinks about the fact that she can touch her and release her desire it makes her so glad to be alive.