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Saku Iori
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 色井 佐久 
Iori Saku
Age ?
Gayness 9
Boldness  3
Commitment 8
Lewdness 2
Relationship Status Single

Saku Iori is a side character in the yuri series Urara Meirochou. Captain of Meirocho's Bloque 10 Patrol Unit who is close friends with Nina. She is strict in her duties.

Yuri Feats

  • Noticing that Nina is searching for love, Kōme decides to try and find her a soulmate using pendulum divination. As the girls follow Koume's pendulum around town, Saku, worried about what they are up to, disguises herself to follow them, getting mistaken for a handsome man. After Chiya eventually manages to recognise her, the girls deduce that Saku is the best soulmate for Nina, and she accepted to go to meet her at Natsumeya teahouse, and have dinner with her.
  • Seeing Chiya fallen on top of Koume and Kon, she viewed them in a background adorned with flowers, next she was showing to be totally embarrassed by Chiya's act.