Sana Hirose
広瀬 紗奈
Hirose Sana
Age 13
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 6
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status Dating

Sana Hirose is a main character in the yuri visual novel Lilium X Triangle. A reserved and quite middle school student and Yūna's younger sister, Her Hobby is Sewing, she likes Cute things, and dislikes talking with unknown people, she gets lonely easily and that's the reason why she makes a lot of cute stuffed animals in the handicrafts club in which she took to her bedroom.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Despite her cold behavior and always saying mean things to Haruka, she harbors romantic feelings for her.
  • Her jealousy over Haruka getting close to Yūna is clearly showing by pushing them away from each other if she spotted them clinging to each other more than enough, or if Haruka sticks so close to Yūna, and if Yūna gets Haruka's attention during breakfast, she questioned her if she's good enough for her.
  • The feeling of loneliness affects her if Yūna isn't sticking close to her.
  • She became shy when Yūna hugged her to confirm Sana's kindness in the lunch break.
  • Her love confession to Haruka was in a less than month they spend together while they were walking home alone in the night, she was talking about a different kind of "love", then she told her that the feelings she have must not be returned, as what she wants is to convey her feelings, that's all.
  • In various reasons, she can't help but loving what she love, which is Haruka.
  • In reality, every time she saw Haruka flirting with Yūna she couldn't help but blurt out the stuff she did.
  • Directly, After her confusion for Haruka she offered her energy to be sucked by Haruka.
  • She have some mixed feelings over how close Haruka with Yūna can be.
  • Even though she confessed to Haruka last night, she's as cold as ever.
  • She feels embraced when she's tackled by Haruka in the way to school.
  • She gets shy if Yūna hugs her, as well.


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