Seina Taneda
Seina Taneda (novel).png
種田 正奈
Taneda Seina
Age 15
Gayness 7
Boldness 8
Commitment 8
Lewdness 1
Relationship Status Crushing

Seina Taneda is a character from the series Assault Lily. A cheerful Lily who became the student council president in her third year. She won along with Kanon who was nominated by an associate to run for the executive committee, and she was very excited they would be working together. Birthday: March 21.

Yuri Feats

  • Seina's parents did not intend to make her Lily, but her high killer score and her desire to go to Kaiseizan paved the way for her to become a Lily. What she admired was the performance of the honor guard at the prestigious garden Kai Seizan. She was fascinated by the degree of perfection and splendor, and made a rush with her own motivation and passed the entrance exam.
  • As Seina goes on to high school, she dreams of becoming closer with Kanon.
  • Although Seina knows Kanon will be assigned to the four pillars of Holy Mountain, she refuses. She becomes jealous when she discovers that the reason is Shiori Rokkaku.


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