Shallotte Elminus
A16 Shallotte.jpg
Sharurotte Eruminasu
Age 18
Gayness 8
Boldness 8
Commitment 7
Lewdness 4
Relationship Status In a relationship

Shallotte Elminus is one of the two possible protagonists in the video game Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea along with Shallistera. She was born in the town of Stellard and was working there doing various menial jobs as well as being an alchemist before the start of the game.

Yuri feats

With Shallistera Argo

  • While she was having a chat with Miruka, she expressed her view of the new official Shalliestera who came from Central, how she's really capable of her work, easygoing and cute, that last remark had made Mikura to stand instantly and leave her house.
  • Shallistera's happiness makes her happy too.
  • The Floater Unit she made for Shalliestera was her first synthesizing job, she wanted to do well after hearing it was for her.
  • It makes her feel good hearing how Shalliestera haven't talked to anyone so familiarly besides her.
  • It's embarrassing to her to light her friendship with Shalliestera.
  • Unlike herself, after promising to cooperate with Shalliestera, she can be saw up at late nights, practicing alchemy with such an earnest smile on her face, she felt a feeling she have never experienced before, although she deems she was really in a good mood for some reason that night, she wondered if it was because she made Shalliestera happy, or whether her work was fulfilling, which means she's quite oblivious of her feelings.
  • She's against the idea of using Shalliestera and her ship as a shield to lure the Sand Dragon.
  • After meeting Shalliestera she feels like she have grown up so much, realizing that she have never felt so in tune with other people before her.
  • Promised to take Shalliestera along with her after learning the broom flying skill.
  • Slept over at Shalliestra's place.
  • If it's with Shalliestera, she believes everything will turn out just fine.
  • During the second half of the game after she and Shallistera break up due to having a fight, she feels down and wants to somehow make up with the former.
  • On the journey to the East Continent, while the others on the ship were distracted by the rainbow formed of cloud, she exchanged looks with Shalliestra then held her hand.


  • She comforts her master before Shallote and her party confront the Lord of Water.
  • Upon seeing Odelia for the first time at the Ruins of Frozen Time, she thought she was cute.
  • After she hanged on Wilbell's broom to escape the blue-sheep-like Rabbit Food monsters, she was grabbing Wilbell in a way that made her ticklish.
  • The compliment of both of Shallistra and Wilbell for her cozy and warm Atelier which resembles its owner had made her embarrassed.
  • While helping Escha with her shop work, she thought to herself how she likes her clumsiness because it makes her unique.
  • Gets embarrassed easily when Linca acknowledged her battle with the Sand Dragon.
  • The automaton girl she bought from Katla's shop is what she finds to be a pretty cute doll.


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