Shiori Kubo
Anime 26009 411202
久保 栞
Kubo Shiori
Age 15
Gayness 9
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Separated

Shiori Kubo is a minor character in the yuri series Maria-sama ga Miteru. Sei Satō's ex-lover and best friend who was Sachiko Ogasawara's classmate. She left Lillian in her first year to pursue her dream of becoming a nun, which broke Sei's heart.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Before she leave Lillian Academy tp join a convent after she graduated, to become a nun, she confessed her love to Sei after she arrived to the same Convent she was likely to be, and admitted that it's the first time she have ever fallen so in love with someone as Sei.
  • Walking together with Sei after she ran to meet her in the convent, with both of their hands that they were born with were probably clasped in the hands of the same person, and as a result, they completely excluded all else.
  • She admitted that she wanted to see Sei again too, since she didn't find Sei's feelings bothersome at all.
  • In an isolated place inside a forest, she shared a hug with Sei.
  • After she was done with her supplementary swimming lesson, and it started raining all of a sudden, she was leaded by Sei in a hurry inside Lillian's glasshouse, where she picked out a small towel of her bag to dry Sei's hair gently, then dried her own by her request using the same towel.
  • Inside the greenhouse of Lillian Academy with the rainy weather outside, she leaned her hand on Sei's shoulder, and was tickled when Sei interlocked her fingers with hers.
  • Right after she witnessed Sei coming across the convent, she eagerly ran to hug her, admitting that she thought of nothing else but Sei all the while they were apart for two days, even when she was praying, she couldn't get Sei's face out of her mind, then shared a kiss on the lips with her.
  • Even though she promised the Academy Director not to see her again, she couldn't do it.
  • If it's with Sei, she could go anywhere, so she consented to run away together with her, she packed her things, then came to the station Sei was awaiting her once, she watched Sei there in the train terminal from a far, and she said she realized she couldn't go, after all, the reason why she wrote for her instead of telling her in person, is probably because if she saw Sei, her resolve would weaken.


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