Shiori Takatsuki
Anime 33123 111111
Takatsuki Shiori
Age 16
Gayness 9
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status In an on, off, on again type of relationship

Shiori Takatsuki is an antagonist character in the yuri series "Shoujo Kakumei Utena". She is Juri Arisugawa's childhood friend who returns to Ohtori Academy. She have a Haraguro personality. Her confusion and denial drives her to become a Black Rose Duelist.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • Shiori stole a man she thought that Juri loved, which turns out to be false. Shiori says she has returned to Ohtori Academy in order to try to mend her relationship with Juri.
  • Shiori's relationship with Juri is one of intense love and uncertainty. Shiori idolized Juri for her beauty and talent, but her idolization subsequently caused her to question their friendship. She eventually became paranoid, as far as to believe that Jury befriended her out of pity.
  • Shiori "stole" a man who loved Juri when the three were in middle school in an attempt to win something over her, believing that Juri loved him back.
  • She has been aware of Juri's feelings for quite a long period of time, as proven by the fact that the locket was still wet when opened.
  • Shiori's sadism towards Juri seems intense, going as far as to fantasize about Juri being sad or upset over her love for her. However, it is evident that she does care about Juri to a certain degree, as she admits that Juri had been someone who was "kind to her" and runs towards her in the end of Episode 29 to apologize.
  • It is unclear if Shiori returns Juri's feelings in the anime. However, in Kunihiko Ikuhara's commentary included in the 2011 English re-release of the Black Rose Saga, it is implied that Shiori does have feelings for Juri, as it states:

“I finally realized the truth. To think that she loved me back! What a miracle! But... This love will crumble if we touch. But when people don't touch, the love eventually dies away. That's why I decided to keep your love prisoner. To make sure that you love me forever. That game will make our love ‘eternal.’ I'm sure of it. We were ‘lovers lost from the beginning.’"

  • Before drawing her sword from Juri's heart, she returns the locket which she had stolen from Juri. Shiori also reveals herself to be slightly sadistic, as she mentions just before taking her sword that she believed the hurt look in Juri's eyes to be pretty, and that Shiori loved the look in Juri's eyes when she hurt her.
  • Juri for her was always wonderful, so strong and composing, always protecting her, she was her only friend and the only person she could ever depend on with all her heart.
  • She thinks that doesn't deserve Juri's protection for that she is the one who is in control (Seme) in their relationship.


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