Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Shirabe G
月読 調
Tsukuyomi Shirabe
Age 15
Gayness 8
Boldness 8
Commitment 10
Lewdness 3
Relationship Status In a relationship

Shirabe Tsukuyomi is a major character from Senki Zesshō Symphogear series who first appears in the second season Symphogear G. Before joining Hibiki and her fellow Symphogear users she, Kirika, and Maria were part of a group that opposed Hibiki.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • During the last episode of G, both she and Kirika confess their love for each other.
  • Both she and Kirika are shown holding hands on the cover for their character song CD.
  • She is fiercely protective of who and what she holds dear, particularly Kirika.
  • She claims to not be good at talking to other people, so she intentionally avoids getting too close to people who aren't Kirika.


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