Shizuru Fujino/Shizuru Viola
Fujino Shizuru/Shizuru Vuiora
Age 17
Gayness 10
Boldness 9
Commitment 6
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status Newly Dating

Shizuru Viola is a secondary character in the series Mai OtomeHIME. The always-calm president of the Academy Student Council, Shizuru at first appears in episodes involving important school events, or in scenes featuring the Student Council's homeroom, often calmly sipping tea. Making an entrance as a playful, charming and slightly sarcastic individual, she takes care of significant school affairs single-handedly, even patching up for the academy director when required, but tends to leave all the "dirty work" for the executive committee. Her Gem is named Bewitching Smile Amethyst, Her birthday is December 19.

Yuri feats Edit

  • Shizuru is often idolized and referred by other students as Onne-sama because of her elegant fighting style, charisma, beauty, kindness, and sincerity.
  • Shizuru enjoys teasing Natsuki like when she assumed she was inquiring for the sake of altering her attendance record.
  • She focuses on covertly protecting her best friend, Natsuki Kuga. Shizuru's shadow with her element is first seen in episode 20 when she intervenes and has her child, Kiyohime, block Mikoto's attack towards Natsuki.
  • During the later course of the series, it becomes apparent that Shizuru has a romantic interest in Natsuki, which begins to unbalance her psychologically. After Natsuki is injured by Nao Yuuki and held for ransom Shizuru rescues her and brings her to a friend's house to allow her to heal. During Natsuki's recovery Shizuru's shadow is observed by Yukino's probes disrobing and lying down next to an unconscious Natsuki, though what actually occurred in this incident is left ambiguous. However, after both her HiME-status and her obsession-like love-interest are discovered by Natsuki herself after Haruka confronts Shizuru about her absence from the school and declares Shizuru's love for Natsuki to be "disgusting", Shizuru loses her mental balance and becomes yet another puppet playing to the plan of the Obsidian Lord, killing the Childs and, by extension, the most important people of Nao (her mother) and Yukino (Haruka) as well as members of the First District, for the sake of her beloved.
  • In a final confrontation, an emotional Shizuru believes that Natsuki has rejected her feelings and entraps her under a bell before drawing her into an embrace.
  • This relationship is confirmed in a Drama CD scene in which Natsuki confesses to Nao that she and Shizuru are an exclusive couple.

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