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Age ?
Gayness 8
Boldness 7
Commitment 10
Lewdness 7
Relationship Status In a relationship

Sorako is the protagonist of the story My Unique Day of Yuri Hime Collection. An emotional, naive, outgoing and artistic girl who joined an acting troupe called "Kush Kush since she admires Miki, a talented actress from the same troupe.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • Miki is the only person who can make her heart race, Miki is the first girl she ever fell for.
  • While she texts Miki, she seems to blush, she also blushes around her often.
  • It makes her happy to know why Miki was going to be late before anyone else did.
  • If Miki praises her, she gets nervous and blushes.
  • To her, Miki has a sparkle that nobody else does.
  • The reason she joined the acting troupe: Because of Miki, she was in a play a friend took her to see, she couldn't get Miki out of her head. It was because of Miki that she chose acting, shs influenced her in all sorts of ways.
  • Seeing a resigned smile on Miki's face makes her desperately want to protect her, like she can't just abandon her, and her chest tightens.
  • She can be too shy to praise Miki.
  • While having a glass of booze with Miki at a restaurant, she expressed her wish to kiss her.
  • Miki's soft and warm hand can make her shy.
  • She payed a visit to Miki's love apartment.
  • The reason she couldn't tell Miki everything she thought about her performance one time: Because she was looking at her in a loving way.
  • Starbooks cafe is the place where she confessed her love to Miki.
  • While looking at Miki's slightly embarrassed face she couldn't help thinking that being unique was an awfully trivial thing to be concerned about.

Gallery Edit

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