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In a world, many humans have great magical potential. However, there exists those that have greater potential who are known as 'Strays' or 'Otherworlder'. They are people who come from a world known as 'Japan' that have been summoned into this world through a ritual. They are known for possessing such great magical potential that they have been seen as causes of great calamities. As a result, the Church has deemed it a Necessary Evil to execute them before they can become a threat.

Menou is one of these executioners. After executing one 'Stray', she learns the existence of another 'Stray' named Akari that has been summoned at the same time. When she attempts to fulfill her duties, she learns first hand that Akari's abilities make it impossible for Menou to kill her without help. After tricking Akari into believe she is her ally, they go off on a journey while Menou attempts to eliminate Akari permanently. However, will her feelings regarding this 'duty' remain the same, or will they begin to waver over time.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life is an ongoing Isekai yuri Light Novel series written by Mato Sato and illustrated by Nilitsu. As of April 2021, five volumes have been released in Japan. It is licensed by Yen Press, who began releasing the series in the West in March 2021. It has an ongoing manga adaptation that began monthly serialization in June 2020. It was announced during January 2021 that it would receive an anime adaptation at an unspecified time.