Tsubaki Toujou
Eone-room romance 006-1-1.jpg
Tōjō Tsubaki
Age ?
Gayness 10
Boldness 10
Commitment 10
Lewdness 6
Relationship Status In a relationship

                                                                                       Tsubaki Toujou is a main character in the story Zettai Romance: One-Room Romance of Yuri Hime Collection. A beautiful, smart, deep and quiet girl who is the perfect student, and Umi's classmate.

Yuri Feats

  • That Saturday when Umi started to live by herself in a new apartment, she came to visit her after she asked her about it at school, she held herself up well that day, yet she was actually really nervous because she was willing to stay the night at Umi's house.
  • She believe that she and Umi both feel the same way based on the situation when Umi was asked to come to the rooftop.
  • On the rooftop, she asked Umi to come, then she confessed her love to Umi with a kiss, but Umi never did give her an answer, from that day on she've been following Umi around.
  • To be Umi's friend who can run away with her at Umi's wedding ceremony, she's okay with being a friend like that.
  • When Umi was willing to get her another cup of tea, she grabbed her wrist and made her fall on her.
  • She's always stalking, following and staring at Umi at school. For Umi to catch her gaze three times, in the classroom, in the hallway, during practice, and avoid her, it felt to her by process that Umi wanted to know if she was there, and that Umi was thinking about her coming over that Saturday, she also felt that Umi have come to like her.
  • Catching Umi who was falling on her, she licked her hand, she wanted a reason an an answer from her, that's why she didn't let go of her until Umi broke off with her.
  • Umi's reactions are the reasons why she's attracted to her, she also look to her like a cute monkey when she's blushing.
  • In Umi's new apartment and after three months since she followed her, she kissed her on the lips to prove her true feelings before Umi shoved her to hide in the bathroom.
  • She interpreted the meaning behind Umi's crying because Umi doesn't want her to let her go, and that Umi have come to like her.
  • "If pushing doesn't work, try pulling away" is the advice she used to catch Umi so easily.
  • To know Umi's answer to her love confession is her demand.


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