Tsubomi Okuwaka
奥若 蕾
Okuwaka Tsubomi
Age 12
Gayness 10
Boldness 5
Commitment 9
Lewdness 5
Relationship Status Newly Dating

Tsubomi Okuwaka is a supporting character in the yuri series Strawberry Panic!. An outspoken and very expressive first year student who joins Spica at the same time as Nagisa is enrolled into Miator, tends to act mature for her age, and is often capable of cowing senior students by pure force of personality. 

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She seems to have a crush on Hikari, although she calls it pure admiration. 
  • She is a member of the St. Spica Choir along with Hikari Konohana and Yaya Nanto and it is believed that the reason she joined was because of Hikari, though Tsubomi denies this with embarrassment.
  • For receiving Hikari's gratitude she gets shy that she can't look her in the eyes.
  • Seeing Hikari in an apron is one of her granted wishes.
  • The room stemp system is a quite stupid system to her, for the underclassmen can't even choose who they serve, in her case, she would never work for someone she didn't choose (for she already chose to be with Hikari).
  • There are some indications that Tsubomi may be in love with Yaya, later in the series.
  • Getting closer to Hikari without causing a misunderstanding is the strategy she uses, in demanding to share an umbrella with her, and making her the first to take a shower to not be seen by Yaya.
  • Acting as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet is what she performed in the school's culture festival along with Kagome as Romeo.
  • If Hikari thanked her she feels extremely shy, whether by simply bringing some cookies from her cooking class to their night tea party, or simply calming her when she was feeling down.
  • Because Hikari participated to be paired with Amane as the next Etoile, she was quite angry when her friends mentioned it.
  • Denying that she was looking forward to Hikari's graceful form at the announcement of the Spica participants is what she expressed while blushing.
  • The time when Hikari leave for the Etoile election event, she was staring sympathetically at Yaya's sorrowful smile for Hikari.
  • Because she was worried about Yaya the day of the Etoile election event, she went to invite her to a night tea party, even though she denied the reason.
  • The time Yaya was sitting sadly on her bed, she accompanied her to sit on the same bed, even though Hikari was showing off her grace and beauty at the election, she stayed by Yaya's side, she described herself that she's an idiot because she just wanted to stay there.
  • Accompanying Yaya back to the saintly chorus, she was showing to be shy and nervous by her playful teasing.


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